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I lift the burden of game audio off of the shoulders of indie game developers without breaking the bank.

Communication is key. I put emphasis on communicating effectively with teammates on all manners regarding the project’s direction in terms of story and emotion in order to create audio that effectively showcases the team’s vision.

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Hi, I'm Cai Jones.

With my 2 years of professional experience in the games industry & 5 commercially shipped games. I understand how to work with you to make audio a success for your game.

I focus on solid communication and quick feedback to achieve the best results so that we can captivate your players with meaningful audio.

Cai is so insanely good in multiple dimensions – artistic genius, generous, lovable and kind, professional, extreme quality and a pleasure to work with.

I have worked with Cai on lots of projects over several years, and his attitude to work, attention to detail and keen ear for how a project should sound have been invaluable throughout.

Working with Cai has been invaluable to my work. He has been really cooperative and easy to work with, and seems as excited about this project as I am.

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Working on Kandria was a unique and inspiring process, I had the opportunity to make a fresh sound palette.

As I was brought onto the project early, I had the time to record unique sound sources such as flaming circus staffs, obscure construction equipment, and scrapyard impact sounds which gave the game its own identity among its peers.

More sound breakdowns coming soon!


Squingle Studios

Squingle was a very in-depth and original game. I was hired very early in development which meant that I had humongous amount of headroom which allowed me to make very personal music and sound for this game.

By working closely with the developers, I was able to go above and beyond to give the game the audio soundscape it deserves.

More sound breakdowns coming soon!

What's Left Behind

Hoovler Industries

An exciting experience while working on What's Left Behind was recording the sounds of an allotment and taking part in gardening to get creative and make audio that helps the player feel like they're making progress.

I had full creative freedom of the soundtrack and decided on calm, ambient acoustic guitar with many cultural influences from around the globe due to various locations in game which gives the player a cosy personal feel.

More sound breakdowns coming soon!